Muggles in Paris: New Info About France’s Magical Community!

One of the great things about the Fantastic Beasts franchise is that we are learning more and more about wizarding communities around the world. In the first film, we got to see what it’s like to be a wizard in the United States. We saw the governmental system, got a feel for the climate between magical and non-magical people, and found out that in the United States, Muggles aren’t called “Muggles” – they’re No-Majs. With the next installment, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, set in Paris, we can expect to learn a lot more about the French magical community.

So what about French Muggles? Director David Yates reports that French wizards are taking a page from the American wizards’ book, referring to a nonmagical person as “Non-Magique.” However, the relations between magical and nonmagical people in France have more in common with England than with America. Yates went on to describe wizard–Non-Magique relations in Paris:

[The wizarding world in Paris is] quite glamorous; it’s quite beautiful. There’s a community that lives alongside the [M]uggle community; it’s much freer than in New York, where there’s segregation. Paris is a bit like England, actually, not so hung up on the differences between the two. Magical people can freely move into non-magical communities as long as they’re discrete [sic] about their talents…

It sounds like the wizarding world hidden inside the City of Light is a fascinating place indeed! We can’t wait to be introduced to magical Paris when Crimes of Grindelwald is released!