Social Media Roundup: “Ceeeeeeelebrate Good Times, Come On!”

Welcome to a very special Celebration of Harry Potter–themed Social Media Roundup!

Fans were joined by the likes of Bonnie Wright, Natalia Tena, James and Oliver Phelps, and Stanislav Yanevski for a weekend full of magic. And it looks like the fans weren’t the only ones having a great time!

James and Oliver Phelps were early to the party and spent a few days enjoying all the fun things Florida has to offer.


Oliver had an… unexpected guest at his game of golf.



The twins also enjoyed a night with the Orlando Magic basketball team!



Stanislav let fans know he was on his way from his native Bulgaria to the festivities in Florida!


Once there, it’s clear the crew had the time of their lives!

Natalia Tena braved one of the biggest and fastest roller coasters in the park.



Stanislav got a good look at the beautiful Hogwarts.



He even brought a familiar Durmstrang with him!



Natalia was taken aback by the kindness shown to her from Universal.



Stanislav finally took the Pottermore quiz and answered a question we’ve all been wondering for years!


And finally, the group got together for some great shots and expressed their gratitude to Universal and the fans for an incredible weekend.



That’s it for today’s Social Media Roundup! Did you tune in to the festivities in Orlando last weekend? What was your favorite part?