Alison Sudol’s Antarctic Adventure!

If you follow Stranger Things actor David Harbour on Twitter, you’ll notice that he is prone to doing certain activities if people request it of him (i.e., taking senior photos with a fan).

Recently, Harbour took it one step further, asking Greenpeace to send him to Antarctica to dance with the penguins if he got a certain amount of retweets. Check out the hilarious exchange that ensued below:



As always, the power of the Internet worked its magic, and Harbour has started his journey to the Antarctic to see the ‘guins!

You’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with the wizarding universe?” Well, in an adorable gesture, Harbour took his girlfriend, Alison Sudol (Queenie in Fantastic Beasts), with him! The couple has joined an expedition to gather scientific evidence of the need for an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary to safeguard species like whales and penguins.

Sudol, being no stranger to nature activism, expressed her excitement for the trek while also realizing the importance of the visit.

There is a massive movement to protect these waters, which provide invaluable refuge to marine wildlife, and I am thrilled to join Greenpeace as an Antarctic Ambassador! Not only do I get to shout about it everywhere I can, but I also get to put on my life jacket and long johns and go exploring.

You can check in on Sudol and Harbour’s Antarctic happenings by following them on social media! It looks like they’re already having a blast!


and we’re off! #sailors #protectantarctic @greenpeace

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We love seeing our favorite actors not only helping to accomplish something good for mother nature but also having so much fun with it! We can’t wait to see what they do next in Antarctica.

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