Events Roundup: A Guide to a Magical 2018!

The year 2018 is already off to an exciting start in the wizarding world with A Celebration of Harry Potter having happened in Orlando earlier this year. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there! This year is full of some incredible events for every wizard, witch, and Muggle around the world!

Starting over here in the States, if you’re in or around the Tacoma, Washington, area, you can attend A Weekend of Wizardry! The celebration is expected to be “four days packed with 46 hours of activities for would-be wizards and witches of all ages. In keeping with Hogwarts admission policies, most activities will be aimed at those 11 and older, with a special track in the works for children 10 and younger.”

Tickets have been on sale since January 1, and a large amount of them have already been sold! Activities planned so far are a vendor’s alley, a magical tea party, a Yule Ball, and a Great Feast! Celebrity guests are also expected, but nothing can be revealed as of yet.

You can get more information on A Weekend of Wizardry here!

Across the pond, there is a Potter-themed brunch happening in London on February 24! All guests are encouraged to wear their best wizarding robes, as there will be a Sorting Ceremony, mystery solving, a Triwizard Tournament, and even a chance to battle the Dark Lord himself! (Not to mention a feast that is bound to be delicious.)

Unfortunately, this brunch is completely sold out. If you managed to score a ticket and are heading to the festivities, let us know!

If you’re disappointed that you missed out on the brunch, don’t be! There is an exciting festival that is coming to Stockport on February 11!

This event will see a local museum transformed into Hogwarts for Harry Potter Book Day: Fantastic Beasts Celebration! There will be different sections of the museum dedicated to each House. In Slytherin, you will attend a Potions class; in Hufflepuff, you will go on a journey through magizoology (maybe a certain special magizoologist will show up?); in Ravenclaw, you will be able to create your own talisman; and in Gryffindor, you can decorate your own dragon egg! This event is free and is for all ages! However, they do request that you book your spot, so you better act quick! Send an email to to reserve your spot today!

If big events aren’t really your jam, but you have always wanted to live how your favorite wizards and witches may have lived, you’re in luck! There is an apartment available for rent in Edinburgh that is exclusively Potter-themed! For £150 per night, you can live like the boy who lived, with beautiful furnishings to make the rooms look like the Gryffindor dormitory and common room, the Hogwarts Express, as well as all the modern magical amenities, like wi-fi and an XBox. To make it even more magical, the apartment is said to have certain items that once belonged to the one and only queen Rowling!

Finally, there is a magical river cruise setting sail on the Thames in August of this year! With a price tag of $4,190, it packs quite a punch. If you can afford to take the trip, however, it seems to be well worth it!

After a champagne welcome onboard their floating home, the Magna Carta, and the first of several Hogwarts-inspired dinners, guests set off the next morning on their seven-day itinerary.

Along with historical estates like Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, a stunning Tudor Palace that belonged to Henry VIII, the tour also stops at Virginia Water, which serious fans will recognize as the site where Harry first meets Buckbeak in ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’.

There are two opportunities to attend this cruise: August 5–11 and August 19–25, 2018.

Will you be heading out on any of these magical adventures? Let us know in the comments below!