Listen Now: New Podcast from the Harry Potter Lexicon

Have you heard? The Harry Potter Lexicon, which has provided Harry Potter fans with the ultimate reference guide to the series since 2000, has launched a podcast!

Harry Potter has inspired many podcasts, including MuggleNet’s own Alohomora!MuggleCastReading, Writing, Rowling; and SpeakBeasty. But the Lexicon’s new podcast has its own unique take on Potter audio content.

The Harry Potter Minute, which launched on January 28, is sponsored by Magic Alley. Each episode is around two minutes long and features a Lexicon editor sharing their thoughts on a quote, piece of canon, wizarding world news item, or other bit of magic. So far, episodes have explored topics such as students’ pets at Hogwarts and the Barebones’ connections to Salem.

The passionate editors of the Lexicon are fans from around the world who are well versed in Potter canon, so it’s no surprise that The Harry Potter Minute provides interesting content in a bite-sized format. The podcast releases new episodes twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Listen to The Harry Potter Minute here, and check out the podcast’s logo, featuring artwork by Felicia Cano, below!


Shelby Dale DeWeese

Shelby Dale DeWeese has been a Harry Potter fan since first picking up the books in 2000 and has been working for MuggleNet as a transcriber, transcript editor, and journalist since 2009. She is a writer and educator, and spends her free time reading, running, taking dance classes, and re-watching The Office.