The New “Potterwatch”? James and Oliver Phelps Have a Podcast!

Podcast fans, unite! The beloved twins of the Potterverse, James and Oliver Phelps, have joined the club!

In November 2017, Double Trouble had its debut, and Potter fans around the world rejoiced! In the podcast, James and Oliver talk about their travel adventures! So far, their show has taken us to Madrid, Spain; New York City, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Orlando, Florida.



In true Phelps fashion, you can expect a lot of comedy and mischief. For instance, while in Orlando, they snuck into the PGA Tour Golf Show with the cover story that they “were  building a golf course on the Antarctic and were looking for different ideas on how to get grass to grow in subzero temperatures.” Clearly, the apples don’t fall far from the Weasley tree.



This show is a must-listen for not only fans of James and Oliver but also anyone who loves a good travel podcast! You can check it out on their official YouTube, or on LIMOR! What are you waiting for? Subscribe now and get in on all the fun!

Do you tune into Double Trouble? What do you think of it?

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