Join Dumbledore’s Fitness Army (DFA)!

Get excited like Arthur Weasley about turnstiles and rubber ducks! Free MuggleNet fitness training is coming your way. Be a part of our stunning Dumbledore’s Fitness Army (DFA) team and train like a fit wiz(ard)!

To begin my MuggleNet journey, I thought I would combine my two loves, Muggle fitness and Harry Potter, into one. Sure, we have all heard about Potter-themed yoga (yaaas, sign me up!) and workouts that coincide with the movies – every time a spell is cast, do ten jumping jacks!” – but have you heard of free virtual wizard training from a certified personal trainer?

I promise I will try to be just as wicked of a teacher as Madam Hooch (that hair, though). And don’t worry, all ages can participate; you don’t need to pull a Fred and George and risk growing a beard after transgressing any Age Lines. So without further adolet the training… begin!


That’s right Harry, free fit wiz training!


In this workout, you will find yourself catching Snitches, dodging Bludgers and curses, and practicing proper hippogriff protocol with Buckbeak lunges!


Before training like a fit wiz in the DFA, here’s what I suggest:

1. Clearance from your doctor to start a fitness regimen

2. A small space to train (a wee bit bigger than Harry’s broom cupboard, however)

3. A water bottle (or the ability to cast Aguamenti!)

4. Comfy clothing

5. A willingness and desire to live a healthy lifestyle!

6. A love for all things Harry Potter!


Workout 1, Ch. 1: “The Boy Who Lived”

Here’s to the first chapter of your fitness journey! Though we’re starting with simple foundational exercises, this workout might take a few chants of “I will survive” to get through. Here, we’re building our foundational and defensive strength before we add in our curses!

Here’s your first fitness challenge, witches and wizards! Let’s start with a simple 5 x 5 model:


Five Rounds of Five Exercises

1. 10 Dementor runs*

Muggle name: high knees

*one knee counts as one rep

2. 5 curse evades

Muggle name: squats

3. 5 Snitch & Bludgers

Muggle name: burpees

4. 5 Krum presses

Muggle name: pushups

5. 10 alternating backward Buckbeak lunges*

Muggle name: alternating reverse lunges

*one Buckbeak lunge counts as one rep


Two minutes of straight Snitch & Bludgers

*Your finisher is to be completed at the very end of the five rounds.

Time yourself and post your finishing time below!



Stay tuned for future workouts, workout videos, fitness advice, and yummy healthy recipes. The difficulty of the workouts will increase as the program moves forward, so brush up on your Potter maneuvers today!

Please leave your comments or questions below, or if you’d like to reach out to me privately to discuss your fitness goals, you may message me here.


Fitness Debate

In today’s fitness discussion, we consider the athletes in Harry Potter, specifically Quidditch players. Who is your favorite Quidditch player and why? Note: This does not have to be a professional Quidditch player (though we see you, Krum, we see you). Leave your comments below!