Peek Inside the Newly Renovated Lyric Theatre!

When the news came out that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child would come to Broadway in 2018, only the nerdiest of nerds wondered which theater would house the production. Would it be the ornate Belasco, with its antique lighting and murals? Or perhaps the storied Lyceum, which ranks as the oldest theater on Broadway. Cursed Child found its home at the Lyric Theatre, the second largest and one of the youngest theaters on Broadway. Now, designers have made that home magical, and we finally get to see it!



The stage has been transformed into a set of soaring arches, while the seats (1,930 of them, to be exact) sport gold phoenixes and stellar designs.



The rest of the theater is covered in gorgeous dragon sconces, ornate patterns, and so much more!




Of course, now we’re even more excited for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to open on April 22! Tickets for preview performances are now available, so you can start experiencing the magic tonight!

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