Scholastic to Release “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” Screenplay!

News hit the Twitterverse today that Potter publisher Scholastic would be releasing the screenplay for the second installment in the Fantastic Beasts series!



Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is due to hit theaters on November 16, 2018, and now fans of the wizarding world will be able to read the screenplay the same day.



The screenplay will be available in US and Canada in a hardcover edition on November 16, while Pottermore will publish the e-book version. Little, Brown also announced via Twitter that it will be printing an edition for UK fans in conjunction with Scholastic’s hardcover release.


Here’s what Little, Brown’s managing director, Charlie King, had to say about the upcoming screenplay.

Everyone at Little, Brown is thrilled and honoured to be part of the team bringing J K Rowling’s original screenplay for Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald to readers across the globe. It is an incredibly exciting time in the [w]izarding [w]orld, and like fans everywhere, we can’t wait to see where the story takes us next.

How exciting is this? Will you be purchasing the screenplay?