Strike and Robin’s Relationship Keeps Rowling Writing More

With the second and final episode of Strike: Career of Evil airing on BBC One, all that we currently know of Cormoran Strike’s story has been wrapped up for now. Since J.K. Rowling has yet to finish writing what will be the fourth novel in the series, Lethal White, fans will have to wait a while not only for the next season of Strike to air on TV but also just to find out what’s in store next for the detective.

Along with an elaborate focal crime as the main plot of each Strike book, Rowling makes it a point to place particular emphasis on developing the complex relationship between detective Cormoran Strike and his secretary turned assistant, Robin Ellacot. Readers might think that it’s creating and solving a new unique mystery for each story that inspires Rowling, but she recently admitted during a special BBC One interview that it’s this relationship between Strike and Robin that really keeps her interested in continuing the series.

The dynamic between them is, I think, the thing that keeps people reading, and it’s certainly the thing that keeps me writing.

Rowling has had plenty of time throughout the course of three complete novels to allow this connection between her two main characters to evolve and progress slowly over time in writing. On television, however, each novel has been adapted into a season of consisting of only two or three 60-minute episodes. With only a few hours to include all the necessary information, a lot of the less important elements of the story need to be left out. The limited time frame leaves minimal room for in-depth character development, which places a lot of pressure on the actors to ensure that the same relationship dynamic from the books is reflected on screen as well.

Holliday Grainger, who plays Robin Ellacott, discusses how she perceives the building attraction and romantic tension between the characters play out on screen. Without knowing the ultimate fate of the characters, Grainger can only speculate based on what Rowling has written so far.

It’s an interesting dynamic that Strike and Robin have because it’s this building of mutual respect for each other. There’s obviously some sort of attraction to begin with, but as the mutual respect grows, so does the attraction.

Strike director Charles Sturridge also weighed in on the importance of the connection between the two as one of the main elements of the show.

It becomes the fulcrum on which a lot of the tension of the story does operate.

There is certainly more to Robin and Strike’s story that has yet to be revealed, but unfortunately, for now, we can do nothing but see how it plays out. However, Rowling recently hinted on Twitter that she’s finally nearing the conclusion of Lethal White, so hopefully, our wait won’t be too much longer now.


As with Harry Potter, Rowling mentions that she has been including all the details necessary for future storylines throughout the books she’s already written. The ongoing plot between Robin and Strike is ultimately what is tying these stories together and the focus of what Rowling has been trying to build up over time.

Through the whole of the first three books I have seeded future plots, so I already know where he’s going to go, and I’ve already mentioned the things I need to mention. And I’ve mentioned people I need to have mentioned because you will meet them in further books. So the larger plot is about these two characters and what happens to them personally. That’s the thing I’m really keeping an eye on.

While you’re patiently waiting to discover where this relationship is heading, you can also the full BBC One video on Twitter below. Also, be sure to keep checking for updates, once Rowling finishes the book, to see whether we’ll be seeing Lethal White make it’s way to television soon as well.