Gold Claimed at Quidditch Canada National Championship!

From March 31 to April 1, 17 quidditch teams from across Canada came together to battle for gold at the fourth Quidditch Canada National Championship! The championship took place at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario, in Canadian quidditch’s largest ever event!

Day 1 play consisted of round-robin pool play with the rankings determining the matches to take place in Day 2’s elimination bracket. As the elimination bracket was carried out, only the winning team continued the race for the title. Losing teams instead fought among themselves for final tournament rankings.

In the fight for the championship title were Eastern Championship winners Valhalla Quidditch and the contenders from the West Calgary Quidditch Club. Despite an attempt by underdogs Calgary to catch the Snitch, although they were too low down on points to win, Valhalla eventually caught the Snitch to take the match and the gold 180*–90.

In the bronze medal match, Guelph Quidditch decidedly beat Université de Montréal Quidditch 180*–100.

Notably, this event has made not only Canadian quidditch history but also world quidditch history since Tim Hortons Field has been confirmed as the largest enclosed venue to ever house quidditch!

Alex Downey-Ging, a Quidditch Canada tournament director, was thrilled with the location after Hamilton put in an impressive bid to host the National Championship.

This is certainly an impressive venue. We’ve never been in a stadium before [for the national championship].

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