MYTHTERY: Will the Maledictus in “Crimes of Grindelwald” Become Nagini?

Updated (9/25/2018): This theory has now been confirmed with the new release of the final Crimes of Grindelwald trailer


Since the first Fantastic Beasts film was announced, Potter fans everywhere have been scrambling to find any connection or link from the Harry Potter films to the Fantastic Beasts films. Some of those theories are more… imaginative than others (see “Credence Barebone is Voldemort’s father” or “Credence is Snape’s grandfather”). But when the first photo of the full Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald cast was released, some sharp-eyed fans noticed that the woman sitting next to Credence, a still-unnamed Maledictus, seemed to have a serpent-like outfit on. So began the fan theories.




A Maledictus is defined as “an individual whose blood is cursed to turn them into a beast.” Given the fact that we know the character is a Maledictus, her wearing scaley pants could be more than a coincidence.

Proceed with caution: Be wary of Wrackspurts.

In the newly released trailer for Crimes of Grindelwald, we see a brief glimpse of the circus that Credence and his friend are a part of. In one of the stills, we see a banner with the word “Maledictus” on it. What animal appears on said banner? You guessed it – a snake.



This brings a lot of fans to the conclusion that this Maledictus must be Nagini! But how likely is that, really?

Fans of the theory would argue facts like Nagini’s name translating to “snake lady” or that she could have done all those terrible things (like eating Charity Burbage and wearing Bathilda Bagshot) due to being under the influence of Voldemort. Not much is known about the Maledictus curse. When the person turns into the beast, are they able to change back like an Animagus or a werewolf? Or are they doomed to be a beast forever? Based on the fact that this particular Maledictus is part of a circus, it’s safe to assume that she has the ability to change back and forth… for now.

However, in opposition to the theory, none of it really adds up. Crimes of Grindelwald takes place in the 1920s. It’s unknown as to when Voldemort acquired Nagini, but it’s widely believed to be during his exile in Albania after his defeat in the 1990s. Since this Maledictus is clearly an adult in the ’20s – let’s just say she is 20 years old – that would put her at around 88–90 years old when Voldemort met Nagini. Of course, wizards don’t age the same as Muggles, but it just doesn’t seem feasible. That’s not even including the fact that, as stated above, she literally ate Charity Burbage and wore a Bathilda Bagshot skin suit.

While the idea is certainly intriguing, we don’t have enough concrete information one way or the other to confirm or deny the validity of this theory. It seems possible, but as Ronald Bilius Weasley would say, “Not bloody likely!”

Of course, no matter how confident you are in your argument, sometimes you have to admit you are wrong. As confirmed in the new trailer, the Maledictus’ name is indeed Nagini. But how will she tie into the film and the films to come? It looks like we’ll have to wait until November 16 to find out!


– Myth Managed


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