Sneak Peek Released for “Cormoran Strike” TV Adaptation “C. B. Strike”!

J.K. Rowling’s crime series Cormoran Strike, written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, is finally about to air in the United States! Taking on the name C.B. Strike, the series is set to premiere on Cinemax on June 1.

The series, which originally aired in the UK on BBC One last year as Strike, will launch with three episodes based on The Cuckoo’s Calling. This will be followed by the adaptations of the subsequent books in the series The Silkworm and Career of Evil, which will both consist of two episodes each.

The series follows the adventures of Cormoran Strike (Tom Burke), a one-legged veteran turned detective, and Robin Ellacott (Holliday Grainger), a temp sent as Strike’s new secretary who finds herself falling headfirst into Strike’s world.

Rowling, who executive-produced the show, was focused on getting back to basics when she first created the series.

I had thought about writing crime for years before I wrote ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’. I wanted to go back to the beginning – I just wanted it to be about the writing, and I had this dream I might be able to get three books out under the pseudonym before anyone realized it was me. The pseudonym was just a way of disconnecting myself from all of the baggage that comes with being me.

Rowling holds a particular affection for Robin, describing her as “the most purely lovable character I’ve ever written.” Michael Keillor, the director of The Cuckoo’s Calling, mirrors this, noting the importance of Robin’s involvement in the story.

I think when Robin arrived Strike is a little bit surprised about the sense of just something different here. She’s the bright light. She’s the new thing that comes in.

Talking further about the characters, Keillor believes that it’s their relatability that allows the audience to connect with them.

We enjoy those characters who feel a bit like ourselves whose lives are a bit like our own. They don’t quite work properly, but at the same time there’s a certain romance to Strike.

The show is steeped in the ambiance of London, set in iconic locations such as Denmark Street, Mayfair, and Hackney. Rowling took particular care to ensure the authenticity of the world the characters inhabit on the screen.

I really enjoy the fact that these books are grounded in the real world. And I was sent to an office in Denmark Street years ago, and I was only there a week, and I loosely based Strike’s offices on that place, where I temped.

Discussing the eponymous character, Strike himself, Burke believes that Strike’s experience with darkness and evil is what truly separates him from other TV detectives.

What really sets Cormoran Strike apart from other detectives is he has encountered evil, and he does know what it looks like and smells like, and he’s ready to act on it if it needs to be confronted.

You can check out the full behind-the-scenes trailer for the show below!



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