British Students Are Now Able to Learn Muggle Quidditch at School!

Students of the UK, get your brooms ready because Muggle quidditch could be coming to a classroom near you!

QuidditchUK and the UK’s Quidditch Premier League have announced an exciting new partnership with Enrich Education. The aim of the partnership is to bring Muggle quidditch sessions, workshops, and coaching curriculums to young people in British schools.

Enrich Education has already hosted 30 sessions and has seen the power the sport has had on both students who are less athletically inclined and those who are uninterested in reading. Quidditch is further known as a leader in advocating gender inclusivity, and bringing the open-mindedness of the sport to young people could help foster tolerant attitudes.

As part of the partnership, a portion of the revenue from the in-school sessions will go directly to both the Quidditch Premier League and QuidditchUK, in an effort to ensure that all three organizations are able to further develop quidditch nationwide.

Mel Piper, the president of QuidditchUK, stated that she is thrilled by this development, believing it to be an important step in the right direction for the UK.

It is vital that for the future of the sport we now [look at] not only […] the adult game but the youth side too. Quidditch we know helps bring and keep people from all backgrounds into sport, and early findings with Enrich show this will also be reflected in the youth game.

Jack Lennard, the director of Quidditch Premier League, also shared his delight at the partnership.

This is an incredibly exciting partnership. To help nurture young talent, we need to build pipelines that allow potential players to find their feet in the sport as they grow. Working alongside Enrich Education and QuidditchUK will help us lay those foundations as we all develop. The partnership also means we no longer have to turn away eager potential athletes at schools around the country simply because we lack those pathways into quidditch; all are welcome, all are free to participate.

This is an especially exciting time for the Quidditch Premier League since it recently announced that the league, restricted to the UK for the past two years, will expand to encompass mainland Europe, with five new teams set to join the league in its 2019 season!

Enrich Education Director Matthew Vaudrey declared his excitement for the project, noting how, with the expert backing of QuidditchUK and the Quidditch Premier League, the project should be able to reach more students.

Quidditch is proving extremely popular with schools. It is a new, fast, physical, fun sport that engages all pupils. The potential for the growth of youth quidditch across the UK is huge, as there is a clear appetite from young people to access more opportunities to play quidditch. This exciting partnership will provide those opportunities and introduce more children to this amazing game.

Interested in bringing a session to your school? Contact QuidditchUK now and start your quidditch journey!