Harry Potter Lexicon: New Wizarding Currency Converter!

The Harry Potter Lexicon has a brand new feature – a wizarding currency converter! This handy tool is called the Wizard Currency Exchange – you can use it to convert Muggle currency to Galleons, Sickles, Knuts, and vice versa for any day all the way back to 1971! The rates are as canonically accurate as possible, using J.K. Rowling’s statement that the Galleon is worth £5. They’re working on adding new features like the ability to add your own exchange rate, vary the exchange rate according to the price of gold, and adding new wizarding currencies.

I’ve always wondered about the conversion of money in Harry Potter, so I thought I’d have some fun and see if certain exchanges of currency from the series make sense. To make it more accurate, I’ve converted each amount using the year the book took place in. You can convert wizarding money into many different kinds of currencies around the world. However, for the purpose of this article, I’m just using US dollars and pound sterlings.


Can you think of any other money exchanges that might be amusing? What do you think of the amounts above? Let us know in the comments!