“Hogwarts Mystery” Players Are Now Able to Become Hogwarts Prefects!

Like the idea of catching students out of bed, patrolling the corridors at night, or simply finding out exactly what goes on at prefect meetings? Well, as part of the latest update from Jam City, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players are getting the chance to experience the powers and privileges of being a Hogwarts prefect!

In order to prove their worth, players will need to complete a series of various tasks, primarily consisting of five-star classes that require less energy to complete than normal. However, this quest is timed and players will only have three days to complete it once it’s begun.

Players who complete the challenge will not only earn coins, gems, and the chance to be a prefect but will also further unlock the Prefects’ Bathroom location!

This is part of the latest update by Jam City that also included the release of two more chapters for the main Year 4 storyline, and a new side quest involving Daily Prophet reporter Rita Skeeter!

Just as with the books, players who earn the title of prefect won’t be able to play as one until they reach Year 5, which will bring with it new locations and classes, such as Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Unfortunately, this particular side quest isn’t yet available for all players. However, this update has already been released to a wider number of users, and will hopefully soon reach every fan who wants their chance to earn the badge!

Do you think you would make a good Hogwarts prefect?