Alivan’s Master Wandmakers Is Making Your Wand Dreams Come True!

School is back in session! We know most of you have already done your school supply shopping, but is it possible that you may have been overlooking the one magical item a witch or wizard must have at the beginning of the new year at Hogwarts (especially if you’re a bit of a Ron Weasley)?



Never fear, Ronald! Our Staff Member of the Month sponsor Alivan’s Master Wandmakers has all the wands you could ever want or need.

Starting now and continuing through the end of September, Alivan’s is offering all MuggleNet readers a free Apprentice Wand with every purchase of any handcrafted magic wand (excluding mini-wands and custom wands).



The Apprentice Wand is made of Indian rosewood and is best used for love charms and healing. Each Apprentice Wand comes with a satin-lined velvet satchel embroidered with the Alivan’s crest and an Alivan’s Certificate of Authenticity.

To take advantage of this special offer (and to make sure you have a backup in the event a magical accident of some sort aids in the breaking of your current wand), simply visit Alivan’s website and make sure to enter the special code at checkout: MNETFREEWAND

Whether you are purchasing for yourself or as a gift, Alivan’s has all of your magical needs covered when it comes to finding a wand that chooses you!