Meet the Wands and Wardrobes of “Crimes of Grindelwald”

Recovered yet from the latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald? Pottermore has revealed some of the newly designed props and pieces used on the film that you might just spot in the trailer!

During a talk by head prop modeler Pierre Bohanna, a set of nine wands was elegantly displayed. From left to right, you can see the wands belonging to Dumbledore, Leta Lestrange, Tina, Nicolas Flamel, Newt, Grindelwald, Theseus Scamander, Queenie, and Vinda Rosier.



Within the mix of wands are some original characters we’ll meet in Crimes of Grindelwald. However, that isn’t to say that they remain completely unknown. Bohanna tailored each wand to its individual wizard, meaning that clues to the characters may be hidden within them.

One wand of interest belongs to a character known to fans since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone but who has never appeared in person before. The wand of none other than Nicolas Flamel, the ancient creator of the Sorcerer’s Stone, was revealed alongside some the qualities that shaped it.

The lovely thing about Flamel’s [wand is that] you get hints of his great age and his backstory, but it’s a lovely wand.



A young Professor Dumbledore will be appearing in the film, but this time, he won’t be carrying the Elder Wand. Instead, Dumbledore’s original wand was proudly displayed.



Newt’s wand also got a close-up in the talk from Bohanna since the characteristics of his wand were heavily influenced by the personality of Newt himself.

The lovely thing about this is the fact that Newt has no care about anything peripheral in his life at all. […] The wand tip has dents and scratches and is all scuffed up. It’s almost like a gardening tool. […] There’s a shell handle to pertain to his interest in creatures.

Pottermore teased not only the wands of the characters but also what some of them are wearing.

Queenie’s new apparel features a memorable moth pin at the center that hints at her character development.



The villain of the series received a special mention. No longer disguised as Percival Graves, Grindelwald’s wardrobe has been updated with an intriguing trinket attached to it.



You can also check out the costume worn by the Maledictus. This costume in particular should excite fans thrilled by that reveal in the trailer.



You can check out Bohanna’s full talk about the wands below!



What clues do you think there are hidden in these pieces and props?