Popular Fan Theory Confirmed for “Crimes of Grindelwald”!


MuggleNet was in attendance at the press event held in New York City for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and let’s just say, we were not disappointed! One of the most jaw-dropping reveals during the special press panel with some of the actors was that Claudia Kim’s character, the Maledictus, is, in fact, Nagini.

You read that right – the snake creature that seemingly befriends Credence Barebone goes on to be the Dark Lord’s beloved pet. Earlier this year, we explored the possibility of this happening. In our research, we concluded that it could be possible but that the possibility was slim. While we were a bit disappointed that our prediction was wrong, Ezra Miller said it best during the press panel, stating, “If you want to be a theorist, you’ve got to get it wrong sometimes.”

Claudia says she’s still nervous about the reveal of her character, and she never even said the name on the set. According to her, at the table read, she introduced herself as “Natalie.” Directly after that comment, Ezra began speaking about Nagini. Fishy, no?

Well, if there was still any doubt about her character’s identity, it has been erased by the new footage in the final trailer. Credence whispers the name “Nagini” at the Maledictus, and she suddenly transforms into a giant snake. It was further confirmed by a new photo that was released today.



Some other questions fans have had during the Beasts hiatus got answered – such as where Newt’s older brother, Theseus, was Sorted at Hogwarts. Callum Turner revealed that Theseus is a Hufflepuff as well, further proving that Hufflepuff House has no shortage of heroes.

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