Review: “Supernatural” Con*Quest Journal Pack, Plus Preview the New “Harry Potter” Line!

Ahead of the release of the new Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts line from Con*Quest Journals, which will be coming this October (and yes, you CAN preorder them now!), we’re taking a look at its line of licensed Supernatural-themed journals and accessories. Stick around after our review to get your first look at the newly licensed Harry Potter weekly planner and the Dark Arts journals box set, and find out how you can enter to win a set of your very own!

My favorite fandom to test my new friends or convention acquaintances with, other than Potter, of course, is Supernatural. Are you a Dean fan or a Sam fan? Do you have the hots for Papa Winchester, or do you live and die for the snark of Crowley?

My love of all things Supernatural had me jumping for joy when the folks over at Con*Quest Journals wanted to let us review an item or two for the site to give Potter fans an idea of what might be coming in October for the Potter line. What they sent me did NOT disappoint. First, let’s look at what these journals are used for and how you can easily personalize them for your own convention experience, and then I can show you all the great items I received!



John Winchester Replica Journal and Con*Quest Goodies Review

Any Supernatural fan worth their rock salt knows exactly what this is.



This was the first item that greeted me when opening up the box of goodies from our friends at Con*Quest Journals: a replica of John Winchester’s hunting journal, complete with his medals, notes from the television series that we only get to see in a handful of scenes, and some seriously creepy ghost photos. Tucked inside the pocket of the journal are faux newspaper articles about strange happenings all over the United States, including the Mystery Spot, where Dean died over 100 times on the same Tuesday that repeated over and over again, and a ticket to the Supernatural play from Episode 200 of the series. There are a lot of tiny details hidden in this replica of Papa Winchester’s journal, so it stands to reason that these types of details are going to be expected from the new Harry Potter line.



Finally, the Con*Quest team threw in some great extras for my review, which included a rosary, a Supernatural licensed hunter’s journal (which will be retiring soon, so you better get it now!), a “Road So Far” map, and the Pig ‘N A Poke tote bag.



For fans like myself, these inside jokes and bits of history from the show being showcased in this way is a respectful nod to the show we love and the journey of the characters we have grown close to over the last 13 seasons. Convention goers can pack up their Supernatural Con*Quest items and take them to the Supernatural event of their choosing, knowing that they have a quality product to place their con photos in, jot down their favorite con memories, and simply surround themselves in the Supernatural universe completely. What a great touch!

So now to the upcoming Potter and Fantastic Beasts line. The first items to be released will be a 7×9 Harry Potter weekly planner for 2019 and a Dark Arts journals box set. There are plans for many more items, which we literally cannot tell you about because we’ve made the Unbreakable Vow, but you’re going to want ALL. THE. THINGS.

Take a look at these gorgeous photos of the new products and a fun video from our friends at Con*Quest showing the journey to the Harry Potter line that’s now available for preorder!



Harry Potter 7 x 9 Weekly Planner for 2019

Harry Potter™ 2019 Weekly Planner: Accio organization! You won’t need a time turner to get everything done with our new 2019 Harry Potter™ dated weekly vertical format planner! Our 7″ x 9″ spiral bound planner has book board covers, an elastic strap for closure and a bookmark to keep your place. There are 200 pages to manage your mischief including places to note your potions, trips to the library, important dates, and reminders. Each month features a Hogwarts™ favorite. There are 4 sheets of stickers bound in the back too!



Dark Arts™ Journals Box Set

Dark Arts™ Journals Box Set: Is your favorite shoppe Borgin and Burkes™ in Knockturn Alley™? Do your besties all wear masks? If so, we have the journal set for you! Housed in a collectible Death Eater™ box, the Dark Arts Journals Box set includes seven 4″ x 6″ saddle-stitched journals of 48 pages each. Two include lined pages, 2 graph, 2 dot grid and 1 with plain pages complete the set. Each journal features a different Death Eater mask, with one Dark Mark™ cover calling them all together.



These items are both available for preorder, with an estimated shipping time in late October, but we will soon be working on a giveaway, including one of each set, plus a grand prize of both items. Keep checking our page to find out when the giveaway will take place since this giveaway will be open internationally!

Con*Quest Journals Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Press Release

Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Partner with Con*Quest Journals For Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ Licensed Journals and Accessories

Indianapolis, IN, September 1, 2018 – Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television partnering with Con*Quest Journals, creator of journals and accessories to collect and protect fandom memories, today announced the creation of a new line of Harry Potter™ and Fantastic Beasts™ branded planners, journals, stickers and social stationary through a license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

With a fan-centric focus, the new Harry Potter line will be introduced with a 2019 Weekly Planner. This 7” x 9” spiral bound planner includes your favorite Hogwarts™ classes and four sheets of House stickers with which to decorate your weeks and months. Available for pre-order at, the planners will ship to customers beginning in late October.

Taking a turn to the Dark Arts™, Con*Quest Journals has also developed a set of seven journals featuring Death Eater™ masks. Lined, dot grid, graph, and plain pages comprise the assortment, all housed in a collectible Death Eater™ box. Also available for pre-order at today, the notebooks will ship to customers beginning in late October.

“As a Slytherin™ and passionate Harry Potter fan, developing this product line is a dream come true,” said Shelley Harper, co-Founder at Con*Quest Journals. “We have a vision for more completely unique journals and creative accessories that we hope Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fans will love as much as we do, bringing a little magic to their plans and experiences.”

For more information on Con*Quest Journals and its Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts product line, please visit

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