What Excites You Most About “Crimes of Grindelwald”?

With two months to go until the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – the most anticipated film of the year – there is so much speculation surrounding its characters, story arcs, and place in the lore of the wizarding world. I’d previously suggested that there might be too much going on in Crimes of Grindelwald, but as we get closer to the film’s release, I’m definitely here for all of it.

From reacquainting ourselves with the core quartet from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to meeting new characters, such as Leta Lestrange, the Maledictus, Nicolas Flamel, and more, there is a lot to be excited about. However, what excites you most about Crimes of Grindelwald? Is it returning to Hogwarts? Or seeing a young Dumbledore? Or meeting some new beasts?

I asked a group of MuggleNet staff members to share what they were most looking forward to seeing in the film, and these were their responses:

Gretchen Roesch, News Team Assistant Manager

I’m excited for new twists and turns! I can’t wait to see what JKR has for this story, and it’s very exciting to not know what’s coming next. I haven’t really felt this way since Deathly Hallows came out!

Alison Siggard, Staffing Coordinator

I’m excited to further explore corners of the wizarding world we haven’t before. JKR has said that’s what’s she’s loved about writing these, and I can’t wait to see where her imagination takes us! Plus, it seems we’ll get some good juicy Jacob/Queenie romance stuff and I’m a sucker for that kind of thing, so I’m all for it. But new places, new magic, new creatures! And I know I’ll cry when I see Hogwarts again like that. I just will.

Catherine Lai, Senior News Editor

Dumbledore. I care about our original HP characters the most, so I’m excited to learn anything and everything about Dumbledore’s life/experiences/choices/relationships.

Emily Hedrick, Editorialist

I’m really looking forward to learning more about Obscurials. What will happen to Credence? Will we get more insight about the possibility of Ariana Dumbledore being an Obscurial?

Nathalia Vélez, Editorialist & Video Copy Editor

I’m looking forward to getting to know Newt better. We got this sweet, lovable character in the first movie, but we know there’s more to him than that.

Holly Peckitt, Lead Editorialist

Above all, I’ll be fascinated to see the character development in the four leads. It’ll be interesting to gain not only broader backstory on Newt and Leta but additionally how that’ll affect Newt and Tina’s relationship and how exactly Jacob and Queenie will development [sic] in the next installment!

Meg Scott, Senior Transcript Editor & Social Media Copy Editor

I’m most excited about wizarding Paris. Also – and I may be in the minority here – I didn’t feel much chemistry between Newt and Tina in the first film, so I’m interested in how their relationship is going to be developed in this one.

Caitlin Powers, Social Media (Twitter) Intern

Baby Nifflers!! And also learning more about Newt, Dumbledore, and Grindelwald. I’m excited to see more creatures and learn about them. I’m hoping to see some cameos of other Harry Potter characters we know pop up.

Richa Venkatraman, Lead Editorialist

I’m most excited to see growth and depth and darkness from the core four (Newt, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob). They all have a lot to learn from their actions in the first movie, and it seems like this movie will test all four of them in unexpected ways. Perhaps it will bring out some hidden depths and darkness, especially in Newt, who’s been roped into fighting a war he wants no part of by Dumbledore, and Queenie, who’s struggling in her relationship with Jacob and may very likely turn to Grindelwald for hope.”

Minal Daswani, Lead Editorialist

Dumbledore and his history. We briefly glimpsed this in DH and I want more.

Megan Walsh, Social Media (Tumblr)

Oh, there’s so much I’m excited for! I’m excited to know more about Newt and his life/past, including his relationships with his brother, Theseus, and with Leta Lestrange. I’m excited to see how his relationship with Tina will develop in CoG, especially given that we know they end up together already. And of course, I’m looking forward to seeing Newt work with Dumbledore. Also, given that Tina is my favorite character […], I’m excited to see what happens with her character and how she develops!

What excites you most about Crimes of Grindelwald? Please leave your comments below!

Victor Chan

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