UPDATED: Alfred Enoch’s Recent Play, “Red”, Coming to Theaters

Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas) made his West End debut in Red back in May. Red is a two-man, one-act play about real-life painter Mark Rothko (Aldred Molina) and his fictional assistant, Ken (Enoch). Recently, BroadwayWorld released an interview with Enoch and Molina that was conducted back in July during the final week of the show’s run.

BroadwayWorld released the interview in advance of the November 7 screenings of the production, which will be shown in select theaters in the United Kingdom and North America. Enoch discussed his excitement about a wider audience getting a chance to see the show.

Yeah, the thing that gets me is that more people get to see it. I think it’s such a great play and it’s something I’m hugely hugely proud of having been part of, so that’s incredibly exciting. But on a personal level, I have friends in the States who haven’t seen it who all get to see it, so it’s a lovely thing! The sort of posterity notion is a bit of a stranger one because now I have the option of seeing it. I think it’s been too wonderful an experience for me to pass up the strange opportunity to see yourself on stage. It’s not obviously anything you really expect.

Enoch also discussed the feeling of the play’s run coming to an end.

It feels strange. This has been such an enjoyable experience for me. The thought that it will be gone next week is quite a strange one, really. Especially a play that’s been as fulfilling as this one to do, so I’m just enjoying it every week… but you know, it’s just hanging over me that we only get to do this play six more times. Which is a strange thought, bittersweet, but it’s been amazing, a real joy. A real pleasure and a privilege.

Read the full interview with Enoch and Molina here, and learn more about the November 7 screenings here. Will you try to catch a screening of Red?

Update (November 2): 

Now you can watch a clip of the upcoming film. Check it out below!


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