Evanna Lynch Goes Back to Hogwarts on “Dancing with the Stars”!

Last week, we celebrated Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe’s success in making it to Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars, and this week, Team Kevanna needs your votes more than ever!

After their samba last week, Team Kevanna performed a super hot jive that had all of the judges smiling. Take a look at last week’s final performance!



While many MuggleNet fans are familiar with Evanna’s pre-Potter story, Monday’s episode quickly became extremely personal and explored how Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling helped her cope with an eating disorder. Entertainment Tonight teased the video package viewers saw on Monday night, showing a small part of Evanna’s “Most Memorable Year” episode of Dancing with the Stars.

I believe [in] raising awareness on this issue, and it’s very healing for me to talk about this stuff. I wanted to talk about how before Harry Potter, I was quite sick, and how the Harry Potter books really helped me through an eating disorder. And the reason I wanted to talk about it on here [is], it’s really healing for me. That is the full story, that’s the only honest way to tell it, and that’s why it was so special, because it was the only light that I saw in the world at a very dark time.



Evanna and Keo danced a Viennese waltz to “Hedwig’s Theme,” which brought a few tears to my eyes. I think it’s a wonderful nod to the fans who love the wizarding world and who have thrown their support behind Evanna for Dancing with the Stars.



The scoring for this performance was right where it needed to be, with unanimous 9’s. Team Kevanna received their highest score yet, with 27 points out of 30 for their Viennese waltz!

Much different this week is the fact that there will not be a second performance on Tuesday because the American Music Awards will be shown during the normal Dancing with the Stars time slot. So the couple who was eliminated tonight was sent home based solely on last week’s viewers’ votes combined with tonight’s scores from the panel of judges.

I’m really not happy with the way Dancing with the Stars has been messing with viewer votes so far this season. They seem to be incapable of keeping a voting formula on lock and advertised so that viewers know what is happening and can make sure they get all of their votes in for their favorite couples. Combine this with the frustration of last week’s phone votes not being counted at all because of a glitch, and it’s times like this that I wish I could channel my Inner Eye to see the future!



After their performance, Evanna urged followers to use their 11 votes this week.



Finally, the show concluded with one couple leaving, but due to their performances last week and the magical performance Monday night, Evanna and Keo are through to Week 4! I’m so very pleased with this because I see improvement in Evanna’s dancing skills every week. Her extensions are longer, her movements are crisper, and her determination is stronger. I hesitate to put this prediction out there, but I feel like the top three that should make it to compete for the Mirrorball will be Evanna, Juan Pablo Di Pace, and Milo Manheim. All three of them are amazing performers and dancers, and all three bring so much emotion to each dance, no matter the genre.

Check out some photos from last week’s performances, which you can see in our gallery below!



Don’t forget to vote for Team Kevanna tonight! Voting is open until 4 a.m. Eastern, and you can vote online or by calling in to Evanna and Keo’s dedicated number at 800-868-3405. Your votes will help Evanna and Keo in Week 4!