New “Harry Potter” Funko Advent Calendar Is Coming this Christmas

We all know that Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, so its no wonder everyone wants to celebrate it for as long as possible. It’s not a surprise for anyone anymore to see Christmas decorations out in stores before Halloween is even over. Everyone is coming up with new ways to draw out the holiday season, merriment, and gift giving for as long as possible, and not too many people are complaining. This year, Funko is helping us extend the holiday season as well with an incredible new Advent calendar.

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas all month long is the tradition of an Advent calendar. Why would you wait until December 25 to open gifts when you could give yourself a little present each day leading up to Christmas? Funko has put its own spin on the Advent calendar, of course, and candies and trinkets are looking pretty lame next to these Harry Potter Pocket Pop!s.



The calendar will feature 24 vinyl figures from the wizarding world, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Dobby, Hedwig, and many more. Each day is a new surprise! The Advent calendar comes with a pop-out scene of a snow-covered Hagrid’s hut and Whomping Willow with Hogwarts as a backdrop.



The calendar is still listed as coming soon, so keep checking back on the Funko website so you don’t miss out on bringing this fun, new holiday tradition into your house this Christmas! When it’s available, you can buy new Pocket Pop! Advent calendar here.