The HPA Hopes to #StoptheSnatchers This Election Day in Oregon

The Harry Potter Alliance is joining up with the #NoOn105 campaign in Oregon to encourage voters to help defeat ballot measure 105 on Election Day in order to protect undocumented immigrants.

On Thursday, November 1, Potter fans will gather for a live stream event to #StoptheSnatchers! Fans will make calls to Oregon voters to try to convince as many people as possible to vote no on ballot measure 105 and to inform voters where they can drop off their ballots. Ballot measure 105 will allow local law enforcement to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement in locating, detaining, and possibly deporting suspected undocumented immigrants. Oregon has been a sanctuary state for over 30 years, thanks to an anti-racial profiling law passed in 1987, but ballot measure 105 could change that.

The HPA will be joined by actor and activist Bambadjan Bamba (Black Panther, The Good Place), documentary filmmaker and director Annalise Ophelian (Looking for Leia), comic creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (La Borinqueña), Alexis Sanchez (Latinx Geeks), Robyn Jordan (Black Girls Create), and Anna Dardick (#VOTEPROCHOICE). The special guests will be cheering on fans as well as helping make phone calls to voters.

Fans who would like to assist the HPA with the #NoOn105 campaign, you can join in the live stream at 8:00 p.m. ET. No phone banking experience is required. Participants will receive specific instructions on how to use the virtual calling software and will be given a script to follow. Fans can then share their experience with HPA leaders on the live stream and in a live chat.

#StoptheSnatchers is part of the HPA’s new resistance campaign, Dumbledore’s Army Fights Back, and is supported by Resistance Is Magic, an HPA fundraiser. The fundraiser ends this Saturday, November 3, so there are still a few days left to show your support. Fans can donate to the campaign for incredible perks, including Harry Potter T-shirts, the Adopt a Baby Hippogriff program, books signed by Mark Oshiro, items signed by wizard rock band the Whomping Willows, and more. #DAFightsBack will have additional actions focused on immigration and the family separation crisis throughout the remainder of 2018 and into 2019. The events will focus on social justice topics and encourage fans to come together to fight back against hate.

You can learn more about the HPA and #DAFightsBack here.