“Fun, Festive, Sparkle”: Holiday Fashion Advice from Ezra Miller’s Stylist

One of the most exciting parts of movie premieres is seeing the fashion worn by the stars, and Ezra Miller made sure no one got bored with the looks he sported for the Paris and London premieres of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The stylist behind Miller’s head-turning red carpet looks, Jason Rembert, has come to people’s attention this year due to eccentric ensembles worn by Miller and other young stars.



In an interview with W, Rembert brought his expertise from the world of high fashion down to one more commonly encountered by the average person: the holiday function. Rembert says that the key to finding the right look is to tailor it to the event and location. For work parties, the type of job and business is important to consider when selecting an outfit.

If you are an executive, I don’t expect you to wear a miniskirt with an oversize ugly sweater; but if you are, let’s say, a stylist or an assistant stylist, or a market editor, you can have a lot more fun.

So how does Rembert imagine dressing up the standard holiday sweater to make it “fun”? It’s all about how you combine pieces.

The way you make your look fashion is to pair it with a pair of leather pants or a leather miniskirt, overalls, a long trench – an oversize sweater with a trench, and a belt to give you more of a waist. There are ways to make things more fashionable this holiday season.

He adds a word of caution regarding family events, however.

If you’re going to a family gathering, definitely keep it fun, but you might have to make it more modest. Your grandma might say something. Your dad may be like, ‘That’s too short.’

He also envisions a more relaxed wardrobe for at-home gatherings, stating that “at home, it’s all about being cozy.”

Rembert definitely doesn’t shy away from the other end of the spectrum, as evidenced by his recent sartorial selections for Miller. He describes his ideal holiday look in three words: “Fun, festive, and sparkle,” a description that perfectly describes Miller’s Hedwig-inspired London ensemble, with its dramatic feather cape, glittery makeup, and wild hair. When asked how sparkle should be used in a holiday outfit and how much, he replied simply, “Do it all! Do it all. Have fun. Do not hold back!”



For Rembert, the policy of not holding back also extends to embracing festive colors and textures. He likes to wear “anything that’s fuzzy, for sure.” He also likes holiday themed-colors like red and green.

Especially red. It’s bold, it’s fun, and it stands out in the room and is always a talking piece. I like ugly sweaters, so I love texture. If there’s yarn on it or something ridiculous, I’m really into it.

So how to achieve the enviable ugly sweater look? Rembert offers suggestions for a couple of different options.

One way, you can go and buy something that is so outlandish you can only wear it during the holiday season, but it is more affordable.

He suggests stores with low price points, such as H&M, and vintage shops for low-cost sweaters. Conversely, you can make a regular sweater do double duty.

Instead of permanently sewing or gluing things onto it to make it an ugly sweater or a festive sweater, maybe you use double-sided tape […] to hold things onto the sweater to make it your own, and then you can take it off and have your regular sweater again. DIY is definitely right for the holiday season.

Does Rembert regret any of his past holiday looks?

I think every holiday look is a regret. But that’s what I love so much about holidays! You just don’t care! It’s about […] having a fun time with people who will be the people [who] matter most to you. I love holidays when I’m able to just be myself, and I’m able to be fun.

So take a cue from Jason Rembert and Ezra Miller this holiday season. Wear the clothes that make you happy and that you feel great in, and don’t forget to embrace the sparkle and let your personality shine through!