J.K. Rowling Gives a Glimpse Inside Robert Galbraith’s Head for Graham Norton

If you’re on with Graham Norton, it’s sure to be a fun and insightful event! J.K. Rowling recently sat down to speak to Norton on BBC Radio 2, and just like the episode with Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne, we learned a ton about the wizarding world and the people who are a big part of making it what it is. In a cool twist, Rowling was interviewed as both herself and her pseudonym, Robert Galbraith, in a way, discussing a variety of topics, including how Robert Galbraith came to be.

I wanted not to be me. I’d always wanted to write crime. I didn’t want to do it with any fanfare, so I submitted the manuscript anonymously and it was all great. I could enjoy getting rejection letters again – it was fantastic. Robert Kennedy was a hero of mine and ‘Galbraith’ I always liked.

It’s always fascinating to hear about Robert Galbraith, and there were a few more details on how long he was a secret and how his true identity was revealed. Rowling went on to talk about some of Galbraith’s work, like the new Lethal White book and the casting of the popular C.B. Strike television show based on the best-selling series.

I had a really clear mental image of my Cormoran Strike, as it were, and Tom (Burke) is far more attractive than that Cormoran Strike that I was seeing – now I see a sort of weird hybrid in my head.

Rowling’s political views are peppered in throughout the interview, as she speaks of how a lot of Galbraith’s work is influenced by the time in 2010 when she sensed that “Britain was changing” and how this was a good time to start writing what she describes as a “classic whodunnit.” She talks a little about herself and Galbraith’s writing and creative style and how much they know of what a novel will be about when the writing process begins.

Well, I don’t (change my mind). By the time I commit to writing these novels, I know exactly who did it, how they did it, why they did it. I don’t change my mind.

Did you know that Galbraith thinks The Silkworm was the easiest to write? For more cool facts, including what Rowling is currently reading, listen to the full interview by clicking here.

Madison Brown

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