J.K. Rowling’s Website Adds New FAQ Section

In the days of the ongoing releases of the Harry Potter novels, J.K. Rowling’s website was an important destination for fans to find hints about aspects of the upcoming books. Often hidden in puzzles or riddles, these clues were meticulously gathered and studied by fans, who flocked to Rowling’s site to try to be the first to uncover each new clue. After Harry Potter was completed, Rowling moved away from her old website and spent more time on Twitter. Though she launched a new version of her website in 2016, it didn’t offer as much in the way of clues and hints as the old version. Now, however, mere days before the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the website is beginning to reveal some new secrets.

In a new question-and-answer section dedicated to the Fantastic Beasts film series, “Latest Answers to Frequently Asked Questions,” Rowling addresses fan queries regarding the film series. One of the subjects she discusses on the fledgling page is the amount of backstory that she has accumulated surrounding Fantastic Beasts. Rowling reveals that she had a clear image of Newt Scamander in her head well before work on the films began:

I envisioned a doggedly different, awkward man who was at a loss with humans but phenomenally skilled with beasts.

She also teases a lot more to come from Dumbledore and Grindelwald:

I knew a huge amount more than ever happened in the books, and this is my chance to show/tell some of it.

In a section that sounds less like a response to a commonly asked question than like an intentionally placed clue, Rowling also hints at the significance of a multi-layered meaning of the word “beasts” in the upcoming films:

The human world around Newt and his friends is becoming darker and more complex, and the original hunt for escaped creatures will become a hunt for something much more elusive and difficult: a return to humanity.

So far, the FAQ only has two questions and responses posted, but we expect to see more as the film series continues. Head to Rowling’s site to read her full questions and answers; we’ll be keeping an eye out for any new posts!