It’s Okay to Take a Break from Your Fandom

You may have a variety of reasons for wanting to take a break from your beloved fandom – for example, the community might fall victim to increased toxicity. You might even be considering a break from Harry Potter. I’m here to tell you that it is perfectly acceptable.



For me, Potter fanaticism was a form of escapism, but when real-life issues started creeping into the fantasy, it became unenjoyable. I needed to take time to heal old wounds that I’d been avoiding, and I needed to remind myself over and over again that doing so was okay.

Not only was I struggling with my own issues, but I was also tired of ignoring the ever-piling issues I had with J.K. Rowling. She was once my queen but was kicked off that pedestal so many times that they’re not worth counting (the most recent being the Nagini fiasco). Rowling has said and done some controversial things in the past that I wasn’t sure I could just ignore: Defending the casting of Johnny Depp, liking unsavory tweets, writing transphobic characters into other works, releasing progressive yet retrospective statements on characters, the queerbaiting of Dumbledore and Scorpius, and Cursed Child as a whole irk me beyond belief. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that artists, writers, and creators are just people; they can manifest such beautiful things but are not necessarily as perfect as their creations. Can you enjoy a piece of art separate from the artist? The best way to process something is to step away, distance yourself, take a break, and see how you feel after.



So I took a break from writing MuggleNet articles. I didn’t want to analyze anymore – I just wanted to enjoy. What I was expecting to be about a month-long pause became an entire year, but it was so desperately needed. If I were to give you any advice on getting back into your fandom after a break, it would be not to force it – wait until something brings you back and makes you realize that the magic will always be a part of you. For me, that moment was when I read this fan theory on Voldemort and Nagini’s relationship. I realized I missed the excitement, the anticipation, and the speculation. I realized that, no matter what drama was going on surrounding the franchise, the author, or the outside world, Potter will always be there for me in ways nothing ever has.

In conclusion, if you’re afraid of taking a break from a fandom, whether it’s Potter or not, please don’t be. Give yourself time – I promise it will be worthwhile. The magic will return, almost as if it had never left.