Metal Meets Magic in New Release by Velvet Darkness

Known for its fantasy-infused lyrics, Mexican heavy metal band Velvet Darkness originally released Harry Potter-inspired song “Death Eaters” as part of its 2015 album, Delusion. A step for magical music outside of the parameters of wrock, the song has now been rerecorded as a live session and made available worldwide on all digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Written by Teko Yáñez, Lucrecia Ang, Demian Warheart, John Rai, Joe SaraF and Charles Kray, “Death Eaters” has struck a particularly strong musical chord with Velvet Darkness fans. Kray, the band’s bassist, commented on the incredible audience atmosphere it frequently generates.

It’s one of the most loved songs by both fans and the band. We enjoy so much playing it live, and we want to share that same joy with our fans.

The “Death Eaters” live session was produced by Omar Pérez at CSM Estudio in Mexico City. Audio engineering, mixing, and mastering were provided by Mendex (Juan Méndez) while the video was directed by Axel Ramírez for EPIC Films. As Velvet Darkness’s first official video release, “Death Eaters” marked an important step in the band’s career. Drummer Yáñez says that the band seeks “to arouse interest through something visual” as “little by little more people get to know Velvet [Darkness].



Officially released on January 14, 2019, the new version of “Death Eaters” is set to enjoy the same striking popularity as the original. The music video combines eerie green hues with Velvet Darkness’s trademark heavy metal sound to create a truly immersive experience for the listener, one that calls forth the evocative imagery of the fantasy world from which the song takes its inspiration.

As Velvet Darkness and its passionate fan base enjoy the spellbinding musical power created by the new release of “Death Eaters,” the core power and manipulation of the wizarding world’s dark side have been brought to lyrical light.

We are pure blood
Power running through our veins
At the service of the snake
Death Eaters under chains

“Death Eaters” outlines the selfish, overly ambitious, elitist power trip that fueled a wizarding war. One thing is certain: Velvet Darkness’s “Death Eaters” is set for memorability, and in this way, perhaps the Death Eaters will finally achieve their goal – to “conquer death.

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