“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” January Updates and More Soon to Come!

Last month, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery brought us Year 5, Chapters 11 and 12. Many new updates have arrived and the developers have hinted at more in the coming months, and we’re sure you’re going to love them as much as we will!

For those whose greatest wish was to take a more hands-on Care of Magical Creatures class, you’ll get a little taste with the ability to adopt new creatures like a Thestral or a Welsh Green Dragon. In the clothing department, players were able to win items like snowy robes or a funky scarf by competing against other players in House Pride events. The current special event is A Sporting Look, where you can fill up your progress bar by getting full stars in any class and be rewarded with a House-specific Triwizard Tournament outfit.



For a long time, fans have been speculating whether or not one of our favorite magical tools, the Marauder’s Map, was going to make an appearance in the game, and it has finally arrived!



The monthly email newsletter states that it’s “time to explore the hidden grounds and investigate the mysterious portraits.” There’s no further information on how you can acquire the map, but if you haven’t gotten to that point in the game yet, at least you know you’ll get to see it soon!

With new chapters come new characters, and we’ll be meeting quite a few, like Hufflepuff Diego Caplan and Professor Dumbledore’s brother, Aberforth Dumbledore. Players also got the chance to become a knight by participating in a quest guided by someone book readers are familiar with, Sir Cadogan!



Sir Cadogan was a Knight of the Round Table in the wizarding versions of the story of King Arthur, and his portrait was hung on the seventh-floor landing at Hogwarts. Hopefully, in the game, we’ll be able to interact with this hilarious character again. It has been hinted on Hogwarts Mystery‘s Twitter page that he may also have some clues on how to interact with other Hogwarts portraits.

Lastly, if you head over to the Facebook page for the game, you’ll be able to find the six-part series that takes us behind the scenes. You can watch videos that go in-depth on what makes Hogwarts Mystery special and explore the making of the characters, classes, and music of the game.

What is your favorite part of playing Hogwarts Mystery? What else from the wizarding world are you hoping to see in the future? Let us know!

Madison Brown

Madison is a Ravenclaw, Journalist, and Actor living in Chicago. She enjoys writing about and spreading her love of films, technology, and the wizarding world to the masses. When she’s not writing, on camera, or on the stage, she’s playing video games with her two dogs and cat by her side.