Rare Black Seal Rescue Named After Narcissa Malfoy

Meet Narcissa, the adorable seal pup rescued by the Scottish SPCA. Every pup that comes through the SPCA this winter is named forHarry Potter character, but Narcissa is a very special seal!



Most baby seals are a light gray color, and dark-colored seals are usually male. Narcissa, however, is the first black female seal to come through the Scottish SPCA. She was found on a busy stretch of beach in Eyemouth, dehydrated but uninjured. She’s now doing much better, having moved from tube feeding to eating whole fish.

National Wildlife Centre manager Colin Seddon issued a warning to all concerned beachgoers who may see baby seals on the beach this winter:

Grey seal pups [that] no longer have a white coat may still need our assistance if they are on a public beach and at risk, or have visible signs of injury, such as bleeding, crusty or damaged eyes, discharge from the nose, coughing or generally looking unwell. The public should contact our animal helpline and an operator will be able to assist. If the seal pup is not at risk and looks and acts healthy it should be left alone.

We’re glad to hear that Narcissa is on the mend! For more information, be sure to check the Scottish SPCA’s website or Twitter.