Interviews: Daniel Radcliffe Talks Halloween, Social Media, Paparazzi, and More

As Daniel Radcliffe promotes Miracle Workers, he’s done several recent interviews. In interviews with Wired and Jimmy Kimmel, he covered topics like Halloween, social media, and more.

As part of a Wired Autocomplete Interview, Dan answered the Internet’s most searched questions… about himself.

On the topic of his preferred Harry Potter installment, Dan revealed that Movies 5 and 8 were his favorites.

I love the last one, but I also really love the fifth, which is not a lot of people’s favorite, I kind of realize. I love it because of the relationship of Harry and Sirius, and you get a lot of Gary Oldman in that movie. That was my favorite one, probably, to film as well. We had a really, really good time making that one.

Also on the topic of Harry Potter, Dan talked about the relationships he has with his Potter costars.

Me, Rupert, and Emma and all the young cast got on very, very well on the films. I think there is a thing where everyone wants us to be best friends outside of the franchise. There’s always going to be a recognition that only really the three of us [have] been through that specific thing, and I think that’s going to join us forever.

Dan also discussed his decision to stay away from social media.

I just know that if I were on Twitter, I would be the kind of person [who] gets into fights. If you are talking to somebody on social media who is claiming to be me, feel free to give them s***.

When asked why he wore the same jacket every day when leaving the theater, he discussed the joy he gets from annoying the paparazzi.

For six months when I was doing a play, I wore the same jacket every day because I realized that if it looked like I was coming out of the theater in the same jacket and same pair of jeans every night, the paparazzi looked like they were getting photos all from the same night. When you have an opportunity to annoy the paparazzi, or win a tiny petty victory over them, that’s fun.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Dan spoke about one of his favorite American holidays, Halloween.

You guys do Halloween in a way that is insane to us in England, but amazing in a way that I just love. […] I’ve never been trick-or-treating in my life.

Dan went on to speak about having trick-or-treaters at his home in the West Village.

It was fun, actually. It’s all the kids in my building, so they all know I’m there. So I fully leaned into the Harry Potter thing. We carved a lightning bolt in a pumpkin and put that outside.

Kimmel also asked Dan about the social etiquette of being in a play, and Dan shared how many times he expected his girlfriend to see The Lifespan of a Fact

Once at the beginning, either in previews or opening night, and then once near the end so they can go, ‘It’s grown so much! It’s got so much better.’ Any other time past that is a bonus. I think Erin came and saw the show four times, actually. It was only 85 minutes long. We’re not taking time out of our life.

Dan also talked about his love for The Bachelor.

I have been watching pretty closely this year. […] I really liked Elyse until the other day. I liked Cassie. I thought Cassie was a strong contender. The thing with the people on The Bachelor who[m] I like, like Colton this year, is, there have been a couple of Bachelors in the past who, you don’t seem like a good person. But he does, generally.

Watch the full videos below.