James and Oliver Phelps Star in Short Film “7 Days”

James and Oliver Phelps made a name for themselves as the Weasley twins, but since the conclusion of the Harry Potter films, the two have done several projects on their own. They’re reuniting on-screen this year in 7 Days, a short film that tells the true story of Dave Heeley, a blind man who attempts an impossible feat.

James plays a character called Captain Williams, while Oliver plays Dr. Matthews, Dave’s doctor. Both of them aid Dave in his journey to run the “sevens” – seven marathons on seven continents over the course of seven days. Directors Ian and Dominic Higgins took two years to conceive and film the project, filming on smartphones as well as traditional DSLR cameras:

Dave’s story is so inspiring – it was an absolute honour to bring it to the screen. The word [‘]celebrity[‘] today is one that is bandied around too freely, but with Dave we have a life that is truly worth celebrating, and that’s exactly what we intended to do with the film.

Jack Lane, Robert Harrison, and Sarah Manners star alongside James and Oliver Phelps in this remarkable retelling of Dave’s journey, which is set to officially premiere this May.