Daniel Radcliffe Talks “Miracle Workers”, Religion, and the Beauty of Choosing His Roles

Not many actors are able to choose which roles they would like, whether they’re on-screen or onstage. Daniel Radcliffe is one of those who can and has been busy taking advantage of that to the fullest. After the Harry Potter films were completed, Radcliffe added his name to the credits of many types of movies, including horror in The Woman in Black, race relations and politics in Imperium, and taking part in some magic of a different kind in Now You See Me 2.

In his interview with Today, Radcliffe spoke about being fortunate enough to pick his projects:

I just wanted to be an actor who does a lot of different things. It’s very rare for an actor to have so much control over their own career. At the moment, I’m in a position to choose the things that I want to do.

Radcliffe’s more recent projects include his film Escape from Pretoria, in which he plays former political prisoner Tim Jenkin, and the hilarious new show Miracle Workers, which premiered on TBS in February. Radcliffe gave a little insight into why he chose to be a part of Miracle Workers:

The thing that I love about Miracle Workers is that it has a lightness to it; the comedy is very sweet a lot of the time. But there is also a very dark side as well. [In order to get two strangers to fall in love and save the planet,] we end up doing some very terrible things, accidentally causing a lot of calamities around the world.

When asked what it was like to work with Steve Buscemi, he had this to say:

It was wonderful. I’ve been really lucky throughout my career. I’ve worked with a lot of really wonderful actors who are also really good human beings, and Steve is one of those people. He is that kind of actor with the kind of career we want.

Radcliffe goes on to chat more about the hit comedy and other exciting things that fans have been wondering about like his thoughts on being a part of another huge franchise like Harry Potter and turning 30 later this year. To read the full interview, check out the Today website.

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