Evanna Lynch Joins Cast of “The Omission of the Family Coleman”

Evanna Lynch will take to the stage in the UK debut of The Omission of the Family Coleman at the Ustinov Studio in Bath, England.

The Omission of the Family Coleman is an award-winning play by Argentinian playwright Claudio Tolcachir. The absurdist comedy follows the lives of members of a dysfunctional multigenerational family in Argentina and how they adapt to changes in their family’s structure. This version of the play has been translated from Spanish into English by Stella Feehily, who also moves the action of the play to Ireland. It will be directed by Laurence Boswell, and in addition to Lynch, the cast will include Rowan Polonski, Patrick Moy, Laoisha O’Callaghan, Natalie Radmall-Quirke, Robert Mountford, Anne Kent, and David Crowley. Ustinov Studio succinctly describes the scenario on its website:

Three generations of the dysfunctional Coleman family live together under one roof on the verge of chaos, held in check by their matriarchal grandmother. But how will the family cope when their linchpin is removed?

The play will run March 28–April 27 at the Ustinov Studio in Bath. Tickets can be purchased through the Ustinov Studio’s website.

Lynch is no stranger to the stage, and her captivating performances in plays like Disco Pigs have got us looking forward to more! It isn’t yet clear which role Lynch will have in the play, but we can’t wait to find out! Will you make it to Bath to see The Omission of the Family Coleman?