Ezra Miller to Assist in Writing Script for Upcoming “The Flash” Film

We always knew Ezra Miller was a hardworking and talented actor, but now it seems he may soon be able to add “scriptwriter” to his list of abilities.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miller is cowriting the script for the eagerly awaited standalone film about the infamous scarlet speedster with the incredible Grant Morrison, who is an author of comics himself.

While the film’s current scriptwriters have been trying to take the story in a more lighthearted direction, à la Aquaman, Miller and Morrison are reportedly trying to explore the darker side of the story, and scripts should begin to be submitted by next week.

Barry Allen’s full story is one we’ve yet to see on the big screen, though we have seen it play out in the CW series The Flash, which stars Grant Gustin as the crime-solving forensic investigator turned metahuman. While the TV series has its dark moments, Barry himself is generally a happy-go-lucky guy. Perhaps there is some unresolved darkness underneath all that light?

While we may not know which direction the studio decides to go with until a trailer is released, we’re certainly excited to see Miller in the red suit again. He has proven that he is able to tackle whatever kind of role is thrown at him, whether it’s comedic or dramatic. So regardless of the way the story is portrayed, we know Miller will act the heck out of it and produce a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Would you like to see a lighthearted The Flash film? Or are you like Ezra Miller and want to explore Barry Allen’s dark side? Let us know in the comments below!