Joshua Shea Releases New Single, “Hindsight”

It is no question that there is a tremendous amount of talent within the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts casts, and there is no shortage of musical ability. For some time, we have enjoyed Tom Felton’s guitar videos on Instagram, and this past fall, Alison Sudol revisited her musical side with her EP Moon. This week, a newer face in the wizarding world released music for the world to hear. Joshua Shea, who portrayed young Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, has released his new single, “Hindsight,” featuring his sister, Esther.

Last month, Shea posted a preview of himself and his sister at a piano, singing their original song, on Instagram.



“Hindsight” is not Shea’s first experimentation with music. He grew up in a musical family and first began writing songs when he was young – or younger – and would perform them at school assemblies. Shea is turning 17 this year, and “Hindsight” is his second released original single. In June 2018, he released “Your Picture on the Mantelpiece” (feat. Olly Scott), a personal song about mental health and its effects on the loved ones of those struggling.

Music allows me to outwardly express themes and personal experiences that are difficult to open up a dialogue about. […] In every one of my songs I hope to express ideas that are relatable and real to people[‘]s lives that can be interpreted in different ways.

Shea’s passion for forming melodies and awareness of the stigma around topics such as mental health inspire his work. In the future, he plans to keep writing and producing while continuing his acting career. Shea is an all-around talent to keep an eye open for, and he’s just getting started.

Joshua and Esther’s single, “Hindsight,” is now available on all platforms, and you can also watch it below!


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