Robbie Coltrane on His Wheelchair Appearance

Robbie Coltrane will always be known for playing the beloved half-giant Hagrid. Since we usually imagine him towering above the rest of the cast, fans were concerned to see that the actor was seated in a wheelchair during the announcement of the new ride at Universal Studios.

While promoting the reveal of the Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure ride, Coltrane was confined to the chair as he awaited knee surgery. The actor opened up about the pain his deteriorating knee has caused him:

I’m in constant pain all day. I had an exploratory operation and they discovered I had no cartilage left in one of my knees. It’s completely disintegrated. And they told me it’s osteoarthritis. People are probably wondering why I’m hobbling about in the way I am and that is why.

Rest assured, Coltrane is working hard to get back up on his feet. A source close to him reports that he’s excited to start “leaping around like an elf” once he has his surgery.

We’re all wishing Robbie Coltrane well as he recovers!