Evanna Lynch Hopes for a Kinder Future in the Beauty Industry

Veganism was once viewed as a dietary choice that lay on the fringes of society, but in recent years, the popularity of the restrictive diet has exploded into the mainstream. Yet as veganism has risen into prominence so too have the complexities that surround it. Many followers now want to not only maintain an animal-free diet but also extend the principle across their lifestyle, such as in their fashion and beauty purchases.

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) is one such advocate who has become a prominent figure in the vegan community, hosting The ChickPeeps, a vegan-themed podcast, and launching the Kinder Beauty subscription beauty box. The hope is not only to introduce customers to exclusively cruelty-free products but also that by doing so, consumers will consider whether animals are truly needed in the creation of beauty products.

Lynch has tapped into a growing movement to reevaluate the moral cost consumers are willing to pay for certain products, but there is a way to go before this becomes an accepted standard across the fashion and beauty industries. Although there is a long road ahead, Lynch does believe that both industries have the capacity to change toward a more diverse and inclusive future.

I hope it stops promoting this idea that beauty is exclusive to rich, thin, high cheek-boned people. I hope it champions authenticity and individuality more than a narrow set of genetic features.

Despite being busy advocating for animal rights and promoting her Kinder Beauty box, Lynch also found the time to do a photo shoot, which you can check out below!



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