The New Undesirable #1: The Thief of Dobby’s Grave

We all remember the heartbreak that was Dobby’s death at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1. We certainly remember Harry forgoing magic to dig a grave for his faithful friend and using Malfoy’s wand to inscribe the tombstone. It only takes the words “Here lies Dobby, a free elf” to make us sob.

However, it seems that not everyone holds the tomb of this renegade house-elf as sacred. Patrons of Pembrokeshire’s Freshwater West beach, where the monument stands, have reported it missing as of April 8.

The grave has stood as a sort of pilgrimage location since 2009, and hundreds of Potterheads pay their respects every year. Its mysterious disappearance is tragic, though local resident Laura Ridgeway says it has been removed before:

When we went looking for it the other week, I am sure it wasn’t in the same place as I remember it being a few years back. I expect someone will make a replacement if that one doesn’t come back.

It’s a comfort to know that Dobby’s grace should soon be back in its rightful place. For the moment, all that remains is a pile of pebbles, so any fans who plan to visit should hold off for a while. Hopefully, once it’s replaced, no one will steal it again!