Hagrid’s Magical Creatures May Use Virtual Queue to Combat Long Lines

In preparation for the opening of Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort has released plans for opening day, June 13. As with any highly anticipated new coaster, excessively long lines are expected. Because of this, Universal Orlando announced that the park may open earlier than the originally planned 9 a.m. so that visitors will be able to line up early.

Universal Orlando has also come up with a plan for the following day, June 14. In the case of extremely long lines, Universal Orlando will employ its virtual line system through its app. Here is a quick rundown of how the virtual line will work for those visiting the park:

  1. To prepare ahead of time, you will need to download the official Universal Orlando Resort app.
  2. The ride is located in Islands of Adventure, so once you have arrived in that area of Universal Orlando, click on the Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure icon.
  3. From there, you will be prompted to enter the number of people in your party as well as what time you want to return to the queue.
  4. Once you head back to the ride for your return time, you will be able to scan your Virtual Pass on your mobile device to join the queue.
  5. You can now enjoy the new ride without the nasty wait!

Opening day is just around the corner! Will you be waiting in line as soon as it opens? Let us know in the comments!

Hannah Howard

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