Modsy Creates Hogwarts-Inspired Interior Design

We all want to live at Hogwarts – that’s just a given – but we have to admit that replicating some of the more extravagant rooms in the castle is a challenge we aren’t prepared to take on. Luckily, interior design company Modsy did it for us, reimagining some of our favorite Harry Potter settings as modern-day rooms.



If you dream of having a study as magical as Dumbledore’s office, you’re in luck – this room replicates the huge windows and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves we see in the movie. Star-shaped lights, the Sorting Hat, and Fawkes’s perch and birdcage bring in even more magic.



The color scheme perfectly mimics the dark wood and rich gold accents we see at Hogwarts itself. A wall of mirrors is a lovely stand-in for moving portraits, and the armchair is perfect for curling up with a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.



When Harry starts working at the Ministry, this is what we imagine his office might look like. This room definitely keeps things simpler, featuring the things Harry holds dearest: a photo of his parents, his Firebolt, and Hedwig’s perch. A Gryffindor banner, stag head, and Mirror of Erised all add touches of red and gold to the room.



Hermione’s work life is definitely inspirational, but what about her workplace? Modsy created a well-lit space for the Minister of Magic to conduct her business, with plenty of shelf and cabinet space for her countless books and papers, as well as a set of chairs perfect for conducting casual meetings. The walls are a lighter shade of Gryffindor red, and the photos hanging there show some happy memories for days when work gets too stressful.

Which of these rooms is your favorite? Check out Modsy for even more reimaginings of iconic interior design.