The Glow Up of Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley is hands down one of my favorite female characters in the Harry Potter series. I have always found background characters interesting because I enjoy seeing their potential. Moreover, I appreciate what they are doing while the main characters have the spotlight and how that will advance the story. This is one reason why I appreciate Ginny as a character. While we triumphed along with Harry through his numerous adventures, Ginny was in the background working on becoming a force to be reckoned with. However, we never knew that the girl we met at King’s Cross Station in Sorcerer’s Stone would have a major glow up.

The first time we are introduced to Ginny Weasley is on Platform 9 3/4 as she tags along with Mrs. Weasley as her brothers prepare to board the Hogwarts Express. While this first interaction is not the most detailed, we begin to see her ambition unfold as she begs her mother to let her attend Hogwarts with her brothers.

The next time we become acquainted with Ginny is during Harry’s stay at the Burrow after he escapes from the Dursleys’ in Chamber of Secrets. It is revealed that Ginny has a huge crush on Harry and that she talks about him all the time. With these details, it is easy for us to count her as “Ron Weasley’s little sister” and nothing more. However, this young witch transformed into an ambitious, fierce, and courageous woman right before our eyes.

One of the most special things about Ginny, in my opinion, is that she was the first Weasley girl to be born in a long time. From that moment, we should have expected tremendous things to come from this young woman. Growing up in a house full of boys was probably overwhelming. However, I think this helped with her personal development in so many ways. She even garnered her love for Quidditch from her brothers. She was not allowed to play with her brothers, so she would sneak inside the broom shed, steal her brothers’ brooms, and play a game of her own. I feel like this is the perfect metaphor for Ginny’s life.



To elaborate, Ginny’s success comes from her being a mover and a shaker, rather than waiting for what circumstances or others deem the appropriate time to act. Rather than waiting until she is old enough to join the Order of the Phoenix, she seizes the opportunity to join Dumbledore’s Army and even to fight in the Department of Mysteries. The confidence and nerve required to do these things cannot be mustered from merely observing those around you and waiting for your moment to come.

Along with Hermione Granger, I think Ginny also redefines the role of a girlfriend. The traditional term usually indicates someone’s romantic counterpart, which usually entails going on dates with them, giving each other cute pet names, and more. Ginny prompts Harry to act, and even at the moment when he is unsure of what comes next, she is there. She is definitely not there in the Lavender Brown way or even the Cho Chang way. She’s there in a way where she recognizes Harry’s needs and even his uncertainties, thus helping him to realize his purpose.

Finally, I think Ginny plays a huge role in the idea of having a seat at the table. Not only does she indeed secure a seat at Slug Club gatherings but she makes a place for herself in so many other areas. It would have been so easy for Ginny to hide in the shadows and merely hope for opportunities to be granted by fate or luck. Moreover, she becomes secure and confident in her own identity without relying on the influences of those who surround her.

Gone are the labels of “Fred and George’s little sister” and “Harry Potter’s girlfriend.” The name Ginny Weasley holds its own weight without the need for any explanations, and I think that her story – from the perspective of transformation – is honestly refreshing.

Kailynn Johnson

Kailynn Johnson is a proud Ravenclaw, with a tad bit of an obsession with Draco Malfoy. In her spare time when she is doing day to day activities, she enjoys passing the time listening to audiobooks,( Half-Blood Prince may or may not be the most recent one). In the future, she hopes to sell her handmade “Team Malfoy” shirt from the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere on Ebay.