The Magical Cosplay of Wizard World Chicago 2019

Last weekend, Wizard World returned to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. MuggleNet was there to chat with Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fans who came dressed to the nines in all their magical cosplay glory! Check out the photos of some of the great cosplay that Wizard World had to offer.


Three cosplayers dressed in Hogwarts robes.

Jessica (Slytherin), Jordan (Ravenclaw), and Randal St. Louis (Gryffindor) dressed as Hogwarts students.


The members of this family are longtime fans of Harry Potter. Randal said that he’s loved the series for 20 years and doesn’t know why anyone wouldn’t love it too!


A cosplayer dons her Gryffindor costume in front of a vendor.

Elena Navarro switched up her Tonks cosplay by making the character a Gryffindor!


This was Elena’s first time at Wizard World, and she had a blast! She said that she wanted to cosplay Nymphadora Tonks as if she were a Gryffindor student instead of a Hufflepuff.


These cosplayers pose in the brightly lit lobby in Slytherin robes.

Laura and Jen Wendling struck a pose as a Slytherin student and Draco Malfoy.


This cosplayer dressed in Gryffindor robes poses in front of a vendor.

Gina Narciso added a little extra flair to her Gryffindor robes with decorative pins.


Gina was at Wizard World on Saturday dressed as a Gryffindor student. She described the Harry Potter series as the greatest story ever told. A great choice of words!


In front of a vendor, this cosplayer is wearing a long blue dress with silver accents running down the sides and along the neckline.

Laura Barrios dons a beautiful blue dress as a Ravenclaw witch


We caught Laura as we were exiting the hall and couldn’t help but stop and snap a picture! She says that she has always been obsessed with witches and magic since she was little.


A child stands in front of a crowd wearing and red and yellow Gryffindor scarf and Hogwarts robes.

Bella Sophia is covered head to toe in Gryffindor gear.


When asked what she loves most about Harry Potter, Bella Sophia was quick to say, “Hermione! “So naturally, she decided to dress as one of Gryffindor’s smartest witches.


A family of four represents three Hogwarts houses wearing robes and waving wands.

Stacey (Gryffindor), Nathaniel (Hufflepuff), Sammi (Ravenclaw), and Aaron (Gryffindor) have the swish and flick wrist movement perfected.


The Richardson family was all smiles when this author asked to take a photo of them. They represented three of the Hogwarts Houses well with some seriously creative wands.


This Ravenclaw cosplayer is dressed in a Hogwarts robe and is holding a wand.

Ashley Hattle-Cleminshaw as Luna Lovegood


Ashley is such a huge fan that she had a Harry Potter-themed wedding! She said one of the things that she loves the most about Harry Potter is the message that love conquers all.


Smiling brightly, this cosplayer wears a black and yellow patterned skirt and knee high black socks.

Maritza Velasquez has an eye for detail! She sports a top with a witch’s hat and a wand stitched onto her collar.


Maritza says that for her, the Harry Potter series truly takes her to a different world. She wasn’t big on books growing up, but after reading the series at age 14, Harry Potter encouraged her to read more.


This cosplayer is wearing a blonde wig and dressed in Hogwarts robes and a blue tie.

Guinevere Fischer nails Luna Lovegood’s pose in action!


Guinevere immediately jumped into her character for a photo! She says that she loves the idea that in the world of Harry Potter, witches and wizards are able to go to a place and be around other like-minded people.


Holding a stuffed Niffler toy and a wand, this cosplayer wears a blue Ravenclaw sweater and poses in front of a vendor.

Charli Wrench brought along a special magical creature as part of her Hogwarts student cosplay!


Charli upped the ante for her amazing Hogwarts student cosplay with the addition of a Niffler tucked at her side! She is a seasoned cosplayer, and you can view more of her creative costumes on her Facebook page, Amethyst Phoenix Cosplay.


A family of four huddles together with the two children wearing house elf ears and potato sacks, and their mother wearing a Ravenclaw robe.

This family represented magical beings both human and creature!


Stephanie and David grew up reading Harry Potter, and their sons Sawyer and Michael enjoy it too! Stephanie cosplayed as Luna with a Ravenclaw robe and Spectrespecs, and Sawyer and Michael were spot-on as Dobby. David said that another favorite character of theirs is Professor McGonagall.

Every year, fans amaze with new and impressive spins on cosplay favorites, and this year was no exception. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with everyone, hearing their stories, and getting to know the reasons behind their love of Harry Potter.

Madison Brown

Madison is a Ravenclaw, Journalist, and Actor living in Chicago. She enjoys writing about and spreading her love of films, technology, and the wizarding world to the masses. When she’s not writing, on camera, or on the stage, she’s playing video games with her two dogs and cat by her side.