Tina Would Be Sorted into Slytherin and That’s Not a Bad Thing

Since 2016, the Fantastic Beasts franchise has picked us up and carried us to another area of the wizarding world, roaring with life just like the decade it was placed in. The films highlight not only historical differences but cultural ones as well, thanks to the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA). Naturally, the films left some fans curious about parallels between Hogwarts and Ilvermorny.

Now, we know that the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny Houses aren’t completely comparable to one another and are unique entities unto themselves, but that doesn’t stop people from wondering, “What Hogwarts Houses would our new American heroes be placed in?” There’s been debate all over for Queenie, Jacob, and Credence, but rather than go over every single new addition, my attention is focused on analyzing House values and examining one of my favorite characters in particular. I’m here to explain why, if Tina Goldstein were to enroll at Hogwarts, the Hat would probably have a difficult time at first but would firmly place Tina in Slytherin.

Now, I know what my readers are thinking. “What? Tina is so compassionate, so shy, so selfless. She can’t be…”

Let me just put a Shield Charm right in front of that nonsense. Leta Lestrange, Narcissa Malfoy, and Horace Slughorn are three quiet, misunderstood, and kind characters who stick to the sidelines until they are motivated to fight by personal conviction, and Tina falls under that category.

Yes, in Fantastic Beasts, she does break the rules and go after the Second Salemers more than once, and that might seem like a stubborn Gryffindor move. But if we look a little bit closer at her motivations and process of execution, we can clearly see the savvy snake. Yes, she defended Credence in a rash offensive move, but it’s not like Gryffindors have a patent on being hot-blooded. Half of Malfoy’s actions in the early years come from half-baked ideas of trying to get the better of Harry albeit in a sly and calculated manner. Tina is seen skulking outside the bank because she has learned from her previous rash mistake but still feels compelled to do the right thing. It would look like Gryffindor from here on out if it weren’t for her ambition.

When she sees Newt chasing his Niffler in the bank, she is very astute and watchful before taking him in, but her ambition is made especially apparent by her puppy dog eyes and the Abernathy’s revealing chastisement.

Did you just butt in on the investigative team again?

That let us know one crucial thing about her character. She wants her job back, and she will stop at nothing to get it. She didn’t even seem particularly attached to Newt for the first third of the movie, reminding her sister not to go getting attached” and being a stickler for the law.

Even after Newt has proven himself to be kind and well-meaning, Tina still sees the necessity of sitting on the case and bringing him before the International Confederation of Wizards. She might be shy and willing to accept her place (exemplified by her not standing up to the president earlier in the film), but she knows how to lie in wait for the right time. Like a Slytherin. Ambition? Bingo.



It is only when Tina sees that the government she worked tirelessly for is willing to throw her away that her loyalty changes to Newt, realizing he, Jacob, and her sister are the ones in the moral right. Slytherins can sometimes be cutthroat, but they do have a moral code. Once it is broken, they are done. This is evidenced by her protection of Credence, her switching loyalties to Newt, and her blatant disregard for MACUSA rules once she herself deems them corrupt. She’s very close to the Gryffindor line, but there is definitely more evidence for the House of snakes.

Slytherins are also known for being resourceful and cunning. Judging by her peers’ exasperation at how many times she has butted in or [turned] up where [she was] least wanted,” it’s obvious she wishes to use her resources to the best of her ability. Who knows how many criminals she found in an effort to get her job back?



Tina was the one who thought of using the informant Gnarlak, and she was also astute enough to track Credence in the second film. Yes, she is noble, but unlike Harry and numerous other Gryffindors, our Thunderbird is capable of seeing the big picture before acting and of using her sharp mind and burning ambition to her advantage. If Tina were placed in the House of snakes, would we love her any less? I certainly wouldn’t. She still has a heart of gold that our precious Hufflepuff Magizoologist can appreciate.