Natalia Tena’s Molotov Jukebox Launch Pledge Music Campaign

natalia tena with accordion

Natalia Tena's (Nymphadora Tonks) band Molotov Jukebox have launched a Pledge Music campaign in support of their upcoming second album, "Tropical Gypsy". Fans who pledge will receive exclusive content and experiences from the band, whilst also getting to see behind the scenes on their journey to creating the second album. Read More »

Robert Pattinson to be Honored at Film Festival


"Harry Potter" alum Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) is set to be honored at next month's Deauville Film Festival in Normandy, France. The actor's latest film, "Life", will also be screened at the event. Read More »

5 Ways to Make Your College Dorm Feel Like Hogwarts

hogwarts dorm

As many college students move into their dorms this week, lots of us are thinking about how we’re going to make our rooms feel like home for the next year. Since Hogwarts is obviously the home we’re talking about, here are some ideas to Potter-ify your college dorm. Read More »

Slytherpuffs, and Gryffinclaws, and Huffledors, Oh My!


What do you mean I can be BOTH?! Read More »