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If the Potter Kids Were the Beat Generation: Strange Crossovers

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Daniel Radcliffe could play both Harry Potter and Allen Ginsberg for a reason! Check out some strange counterparts between the Potter kids and the Beat Generation! Read More »

J.K. Rowling: The “Harry Potter” Series Was an “Explosion of Colour”


In a new interview with the "Guardian", published today, November 28, J.K. Rowling is in conversation with DJ and writer Lauren Laverne. The interview covers a breadth of topics, from fame and success to Twitter and Robert Galbraith. Read More »

The Snape Debate: Rowling Speaks Out

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On Twitter J.K. Rowling started quite the conversation: is Snape good, evil, or..."what"? Read More »

Jason Isaacs Performs Greek Tragedy for Veterans

Jason Isaacs_2013

Jason Isaacs (known better to most of us as Lucius Malfoy) has joined the Theater of War Project, which presents readings of the Greek tragedies "Ajax" and "Philoctetes" in the United States and Europe, aims to de-stigmatize the trauma of war by presenting these ancient plays to contemporary audiences. Read More »