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British character actor David Ryall has died

David Ryall Elphias Doge

We are saddened to report that actor David Ryall, who played Elphias Doge in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1", has died at the age of 79. Read More »

University of Fawkes

university of fawkes_FI

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Religion at Hogwarts


J.K. Rowling recently caused a stir online (as she always does when she tweets) when she responded to a fan’s question about Jewish students at Hogwarts, causing me to come back to earlier questions I had about the role of religion at Hogwarts and in the broader wizarding world. Read More »

The magic of Red Vines

red vines_FI

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Voldy Claus

voldemort is coming to town_FI

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A very Harry Christmas: A recap of Pottermore’s “Half-Blood Prince” release


We recap the new moments released on Pottermore over the past 12 days. As a part of their Christmas treat, Pottermore users could solve daily riddles to reveal new moments on the site. Read More »

hpboy13 is back!

hpboy13 is back!