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2014 – Year in Review

2014 – Year in Review

                         Find our year in review for 2014 here.   The Numbers: MuggleNet news posts: 1,981 MuggleNet page views: 9,150,885 MuggleNet was seen in: 216 countries, colonies, and territories by over 2,296,292 individuals...


Why “Cursed Child” Saved Hinny

Ships are always hit and miss, and when J.K. Rowling fired the canon at Harry and Ginny, the fandom reacted with mixed responses. Now that “Cursed Child” is in the wild, it finally makes sense as to why Hinny became Hinny.


19 Thoughts While Re-Watching “Order of the Phoenix”

Ah, we have finally made our way to the re-watching of Order of the Phoenix, one of most polarizing installments of the series, both book and film. Nearly as stark and dreary in cinematography as “Prisoner of Azkaban”, OotP jacks up the teenage angst in its main teenaged cast, as well as the threatening and illusive nature of Voldemort’s mission to decimate the non-pure-blood community.