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October “Quibbler” contest: What’s in an anagram?


Do you have a theory about the "Fantastic Beasts" movie? Share your ideas with MuggleNet, and you could be featured in the "Quibbler"! Click here to find out how to enter! Read More »

September Quibbler contest winner: When Harry met Salander


This is the winning entry for the Literary Potter Quibbler contest. by Elizabeth Tolbert There is a wonderful quote by Maya Angelou that states, “we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” There are times when we find that those words ring true, and it is usually when we least expect it. Even two people whom we perceive to be polar opposites have more in common than we think. Take, for instance, Harry Potter and Lisbeth Salander (of the Millennium Trilogy, just in case you’re not familiar. In which case, dishonor on you and dishonor on your cow.) Now, you’re probably thinking, “what on earth could the Boy Who Lived have in common with the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?” And the answer to that is a lot more than you or I could possibly have imagined. Let’s start with their backgrounds, shall we? As you know, Harry’s parents died tragically, leaving him in the neglectful and barely-there care of his reluctant aunt and uncle. While Lisbeth is no orphan, her parents were unable to properly care for her, seeing as one is in a permanent care facility and the other is a murderous psychopath. This left her ... Read More »

One week left to submit to the September “Quibbler” contest!


There's still time to submit to September's "Quibbler" contest. But hurry up; you only have a week left to send us an essay comparing "Harry Potter" with another work of literature. Need some inspiration? Click here to read about what "Harry Potter" and "Les Misérables" have in common! Read More »

September “Quibbler” contest: Literary Potter


It's September 1! Time for a new school year, a trip on the Hogwarts Express, and of course, a new "Quibbler" contest. This month, write us an editorial comparing "Harry Potter" with another work of literature, and you could be featured on MuggleNet! Click here to find out how to submit. Read More »

Announcing the winner of the August “Quibbler” contest


Earlier this month, we asked you to weigh in on a topic that the fandom has long debated: Is Hogwarts a good school? We received some great entries, and now we're excited to announce the winner. Click here to find out more! Read More »

August “Quibbler” Contest winner: Accio learning!


Hogwarts is a good school because the curriculum is so hands-on. Learning how to use magic is like learning how to use technology. Students learn exactly what they need to learn to be successful in the adult wizarding world. Students learn reading and writing skills through studying the different branches of magic, so they are just as academically skilled as a Muggle graduate. Read More »

The Minor Characters of “The Cuckoo’s Calling”

The Cuckoo's Calling

What do the characters of "The Cuckoo's Calling" have in common with the characters of "Goblet of Fire"? Click here to read hpboy13's new editorial and find out! Read More »

August “Quibbler” Contest: Is Hogwarts a bad school?


On your marks, get set, write! Get ready for August's "Quibbler" contest. Want to see your writing featured on MuggleNet? Send us an editorial about Hogwarts, and you could be published in the "Quibbler"! Click here to find out more. Read More »

Announcing the winner of the July “Quibbler” Contest


Last month, we asked you to write an impassioned defense of your Hogwarts House. Are Slytherins really as bad as they're cracked up to be? Click through to read the winning entry and find out! Read More »

July Quibbler contest winner: Slytherin pride!


This editorial is the winning entry for the Defending Your House contest. by Daisy Jesson Read More »

One week left to submit to July’s “Quibbler” contest!


Still haven't submitted to July's "Quibbler" contest? What are you waiting for? You only have a week left to send us your best writing for a chance to be featured on MuggleNet! Click here to find out how to enter. --> Read More »

In Defense of Ravenclaw


by Nolan Lately, I have had to endure multiple verbal attacks on the honor of my house.  To provide myself with support to combat these detractors, I visited sites on the internet to ally myself with ideas from other Ravenclaws.  What I found, however, did not buttress my arguments, but rather fulfilled the insults I had to endure.  It was clear that members of my own house did not understand our motto and purpose, and continued to perpetuate the stereotypes that non-members began.  So I would like to describe what a true Ravenclaw should be, and how the Ravenclaw mentality affects the entire wizarding and muggle community. First of all, I must give a run-down of the basic trait of each house.  Gryffindor house is known for their bravery, Hufflepuffs are loyal, Ravenclaws are smart, and Slytherins crave power.  Each house carries its own stigma or exaggeration.  Hufflepuffs are useless (because that house takes in anyone who does not fit in anywhere), Gryffindors are reckless, Slytherins are evil, and Ravenclaws are arrogant, socially awkward, and just plain boring.  While I could defend each house, for they all need it, I will stick to my own house for this essay. J.K. ... Read More »

The Suspects of Cuckoo’s Calling

The Cuckoo's Calling

by hpboy13 One of the most impressive things about Rowling’s books is how cleverly she leaves clues throughout the text, which we then find on rereads and just think to ourselves, “Damn, she’s brilliant!”  You know the ones: Hermione knocking over Quirrell, Snape accusing Harry of stealing Polyjuice ingredients in Year 4, etc.  I love catching these things on rereads. But some of the things we sometimes forget to appreciate on our umpteenth reading is how carefully Jo lays red herrings and fake trails.  This struck me on a recent rereading of Goblet of Fire: how Jo pointed the finger of blame at Crouch Sr., Karkaroff, and Bagman.  Goblet of Fire has a striking resemblance to Cuckoo’s Calling – it’s a whodunit.  The “crime” is putting Harry’s name into the Goblet of Fire, and we spend the book trying to figure out who did and why. The first time I read GoF, I was nine years old, and powered through the book, so I don’t really remember any theories I may have had.  But I am now in my twenties and considerably more well-read, so my mind was whirring as I read Cuckoo’s Calling.  I’d like to share my observations.  ... Read More »

Review: The Silkworm


The Silkworm is Jo’s follow-up to The Cuckoo’s Calling, and while it’s a solid book, it’s not quite as good as its predecessor. This is my review of the second Cormoran Strike novel; I shall strive to keep it spoiler-free, but if you want to avoid even vague hints, click away now. Read More »

July “Quibbler” Contest: Defend your house!


New month, new "Quibbler" contest! Excited? If you like writing, reading, or arguing about "Harry Potter", and/or seeing your name on MuggleNet, you should be! Find out more about how writing a defense of your Hogwarts house could get you featured on the site. Read More »

One week left to submit to June’s “Quibbler” contest


If you're passionate about discussing "Harry Potter", listen up! There's only one week left to submit to the June "Quibbler" contest. This month's topic is "Harry Potter in the Real World." Click through to find out how you can see your writing featured on MuggleNet! Read More »

“The Quibbler”: When will you outgrow “Harry Potter”?

Dumbledore's Death

Has anyone ever told you you're too old for "Harry Potter"? Click through to find out one fan's thoughts on remaining in the "Potter" fandom, and let us know how you keep the magic alive! Read More »

When Are You Going to Outgrow Harry Potter?

Dumbledore's Death

by Amy Luder When I was younger, Harry was my best friend. We were conveniently the same age at the same time, so we effectively grew up together. Harry was my solace and my confidant. I knew that no matter how bad my day had been, I could always rely on Harry and his friends to cheer me up. We had many similarities (with the exception that a Dark Lord didn’t try and kill me every year), I really felt like I could relate to Harry in ways I couldn’t relate to my ‘real life’ friends. I naturally decorated my bedroom and school books in dedication to the Harry Potter series and attentively followed the fandom sites so that I could have my daily dose of Potter. I attended midnight showings and queued to get the books the minute that they were released. I ensured that I read the new books within a day so that I couldn’t stumble upon any spoilers. The Deathly Hallows was released when I was sixteen. I felt as if part of me had died and I went through a mourning process. It was then that I started being told I would outgrow Harry Potter, ... Read More »

June “Quibbler” contest: “Harry Potter” – the solution to the world’s problems?


Sharpen your quills and get out a fresh roll of parchment - it's time for another "Quibbler" contest! Click through to find out more about this month's topic and how you can have your writing featured on MuggleNet. Read More »

Announcing the winner of the May “Quibbler” contest!


At the beginning of the month, we asked you to tell us about your favorite forgotten character in the "Harry Potter" series. Whom did we pick? We'll give you a hint: She's everyone's favorite crazy Kneazle lady. Click through to read the winning entry! Read More »